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High Efficiency Car Brake Pads Shaping Machine 400 Ton Clamping Force Couple Plates 4 Cylinders

Categories Rubber Brake Pad Making Machine
Brand Name: Juchuan
Model Number: JC-400BDM
Certification: SGS CE
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1 set
Price: Negotiation
Delivery Time: 45 days after deposit received
Packaging Details: N/A packing
Product Name: JC-400BDM
Clamp Force: 400 ton
Plate Size: 700x700mm
Plunger Stroke: 400mm
Gross Weight: 17 ton
Mchine Dimensions: 3660x3050x2350mm
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High Efficiency Car Brake Pads Shaping Machine 400 Ton Clamping Force Couple Plates 4 Cylinders

Car Brake Pads Shaping Machine 400 Ton Clamping Force Couple Plates 4 Cylinders

Technical Theory of Brake Pads Molding Machine:

  • When the motor of the vulcanizer is running, the oil enters the oil pump from the oil filter of the storage tank, and enters the control valve through the oil pump drain pipe. At this time, if the manual control valve is in the closed position, the oil enters the oil cylinder through the control valve and the oil pipe. Drive the plunger up.
  • When the pressure of the vulcanizer reaches the specified value, if the motor is stopped, the check valve will automatically close, so that the pressure in the cylinder will be kept down. If the manual valve is opened, the lifting platform and the plunger will have their own weight. The oil inside is pressed back to the storage tank through the cylinder manual control valve and the oil pipe, the hot plate is lowered, the pressure gauge is controlled on the control valve, and is connected with the hydraulic cylinder.
  • The vulcanizer is suitable for pressing various molded products, such as pressed rubber and plastic, as well as for sheet products. The machine tool is a four-column overall structure, and the pressing type is a lower pressing type, which is divided into three parts: a main unit, a fuel tank and an electric control box. The main unit is equipped with a plug, a cylinder, a fixed plate, a movable plate and the like. The fuel tank has oil pumps, pipes, valves and other components. The oil pump is driven by a motor, and the electric control box is equipped with a push button switch, a magnetic starter, a timing alarm, a brake temperature controller, an overload protector, and the like.
  • When the vulcanizer overload can automatically cut off the power supply, the electric heating is controlled by the automatic temperature controller in three ways, and can be adjusted in the range of 20-200 degrees. When the temperature is reached, the circuit can automatically maintain the constant temperature to reach the set vulcanization time.

Oil Leakage Solutions for Vulcanizing Machine

Vulcanizers sometimes cause oil leakage. If the treatment is not timely or improperly handled, it may cause serious accidents. Therefore, it should be prevented in advance to find a solution.

To solve the oil leakage of the vulcanizer, the process equipment (drilling formwork) can be used to drill through the oil hole to completely solve the shortcoming of the error of the oil passage between the two parts.

The specific operations are as follows:

  • The various holes (size holes) of the drill template are to be completely processed on the coordinate boring machine. The hole pitch error can be controlled within ±0.006mm imitation: the general hole spacing error is required to be 0.1mm. Positioned by the four screw holes of the valve, four positioning pins are mounted on the drill template and inserted into the four mounting holes of the valve body.
  • The four mounting screw holes of the valve body should be drilled to drill the bottom hole of the thread first, and the drill template is positioned to the four holes, and then the oil hole is drilled. The procedure of this processing can ensure that the center distance "X" of the oil passage of the valve body is aligned accurately, and oil leakage does not occur even when the oil temperature rises to 60 °C.

Our Professional Services:

The vulcanizing machine components are light and lightweight. Generally, the manual can be moved before installation. Considering the convenience of power supply and water source, the operation space, when constructing on the transport machine, use a sleeper to build a platform, which requires the vulcanized machine to be used according to the position of the vulcanized tape. Depending on the number of units, please prepare the tape tools, glues, thermometers and other spare parts before construction.
The installation of the vulcanizer is carried out as follows: The lower frame is evenly placed on the platform at an angle of 70° to the longitudinal direction of the tape, and the gap between the frames is not more than 5 mm. There are 5 sets of 830 vulcanizers and 6 sets of 1000 vulcanizers.

  1. place the water pressure plate on the lower frame with the work surface facing up and the heat insulation board surface as the work surface. Place the lower heating plate on the water pressure plate, pay attention to the working surface, and align with the water pressure plate. There is no screw on one side.
  2. The glued joints treated in the vulcanization process are placed on the lower heating plate. If multiple units are used together, a steel or copper skin of about 0.3mm should be laid on the joints, and horns should be installed on both sides. The horns are provided by the user. A flat iron plate with a width of about 75mm can be used. It is slightly thinner than the tape by 0.5 to 1 mm, and its length can be about 700 mm longer than the vulcanizer. Use the clamping device to adjust the distance between the two horns and the tape width. See Figure 5.
  3. Place the heating plate, align it with the lower heating plate, work face down, if multiple units are used together, put steel or copper skin at the joint.
  4. Place the heat insulation board on the upper heating plate, place the frame on the heat insulation board in alignment with the lower frame, install the screw and washer, screw on the nut, and evenly tighten the nuts with a force of about 30kg-M. Connect the control box to the heating plate with a secondary cable and connect the power supply with a single cable. Connect the water pressure plate and the pressure test pump with a high pressure hose.​

Machine Main Parameters:

Clamp Force400ton
Plate Size700x700mm
Plunger Stroke400mm
Heating Plates Distance400-450mm
Plunger DiameterΦ500 mm
Mold Openning Stroke2RT up or dwon
Max Operating Pressure20MPa
Motor Capacity15x2HP(11KWX2)
Heater Capacity18x2KW
Total Power75KW
Gross Weight17 ton
Machine Dimensions3660x3050x2350mm

Main Accessories of the Machine:


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